FACT++  1.0
void DimInfo::doIt ( )

Reimplemented in DimUpdatedInfo, and DimStampedInfo.

Definition at line 89 of file diccpp.cxx.

References dic_info_service(), dim_init(), itsId, itsName, itsNolinkBuf, itsNolinkSize, itsTime, itsType, and user_routine().

Referenced by subscribe(), DimStampedInfo::subscribe(), DimUpdatedInfo::subscribe(), and DimRpcInfo::subscribe().

90 {
91  dim_init();
94 // itsTagId = id_get((void *)this, SRC_DIC);
96 // user_routine, itsTagId,
97  user_routine, (dim_long)this,
100 }
unsigned dic_info_service(char *serv_name, int req_type, int req_timeout, void *serv_address, int serv_size, void(*usr_routine)(), dim_long tag, void *fill_addr, int fill_size)
Definition: dic.c:601
int itsId
Definition: dic.hxx:125
char * itsName
Definition: dic.hxx:121
void * itsNolinkBuf
Definition: dic.hxx:130
void dim_init()
Definition: dim_thr.c:111
long dim_long
Definition: dim_common.h:57
int itsType
Definition: dic.hxx:127
int itsNolinkSize
Definition: dic.hxx:131
static void user_routine(void *tagp, void *bufp, int *size)
Definition: diccpp.cxx:11
int itsTime
Definition: dic.hxx:126

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