FACT++  1.0
void StateMachineImp::PrintListOfEvents ( std::ostream &  out,
const std::string &  evt = "" 

Call for each event in fListEvents its Print function with the given stream.

outostream to which the output should be redirected
evtif given only the given event is selected

Definition at line 402 of file StateMachineImp.cc.

References fListOfEvents, fMutexEvt, and GetName().

Referenced by IsQueueEmpty(), LocalControl< ConsoleStream >::PrintCommands(), PrintListOfEvents(), and LocalControl< ConsoleStream >::Process().

403 {
404  const lock_guard<mutex> guard(fMutexEvt);
406  for (vector<EventImp*>::const_iterator c=fListOfEvents.begin(); c!=fListOfEvents.end(); c++)
407  if (evt.empty() || GetName()+'/'+evt==(*c)->GetName())
408  (*c)->Print(out, true);
409 }
const std::string & GetName() const
std::vector< EventImp * > fListOfEvents
std::mutex fMutexEvt
Mutex to ensure thread-safe access to the command fifo.

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