FACT++  1.0
serv_received ( int *  tag,
char *  address,
int *  size 

Definition at line 24 of file db_dim_client.c.

References buff, buffer, BUFFSIZE, counter, i, message, and sprintf().

Referenced by main().

28 {
29  for (i=0;i<BUFFSIZE;i++) buff[i] = buffer[i]; //copy data to do something useful
30  counter++;
31  sprintf(message, "service received %d\n", counter);
32  printf(message);
33 }
int i
Definition: db_dim_client.c:21
#define BUFFSIZE
Definition: db_dim_client.c:12
int buffer[BUFFSIZE]
Definition: db_dim_client.c:14
int counter
Definition: db_dim_client.c:19
int buff[BUFFSIZE]
Definition: db_dim_client.c:15
sprintf(name1,"NewService%d", i)
char message[1024]
Definition: db_dim_client.c:16

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