FACT++  1.0
unsigned dic_info_service_stamped ( char *  serv_name,
int  req_type,
int  req_timeout,
void *  serv_address,
int  serv_size,
void(*)()  usr_routine,
dim_long  tag,
void *  fill_addr,
int  fill_size 

Definition at line 613 of file dic.c.

References request_service().

Referenced by cancel_pop_up(), dic_find_server_conns(), DimStampedInfo::doIt(), DimUpdatedInfo::doIt(), main(), ok_pop_up(), DimRpcInfo::subscribe(), and update_service_data().

615 {
616  unsigned ret;
618  ret = request_service( serv_name, req_type, req_timeout,
619  serv_address, serv_size, usr_routine, tag,
620  fill_addr, fill_size, 1 );
622  return(ret);
623 }
unsigned request_service(char *serv_name, int req_type, int req_timeout, void *serv_address, int serv_size, void(*usr_routine)(), dim_long tag, void *fill_addr, int fill_size, int stamped)
Definition: dic.c:625

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