FACT++  1.0
static unsigned do_dis_add_service ( char *  name,
char *  type,
void *  address,
int  size,
void(*)()  user_routine,
dim_long  tag 

Definition at line 326 of file dis.c.

References Dis_conn_id, Dis_first_time, dis_hash_service_get_next(), dis_remove_service(), Dis_timer_q, dna_close(), do_dis_add_service_dns(), dtq_rem_entry(), serv::id, serv::tid, and user_routine().

Referenced by dis_add_service().

328 {
329  return do_dis_add_service_dns( name, type, address, size,
330  user_routine, tag, 0 );
331 }
int type
int size
Definition: db_dim_server.c:17
static unsigned do_dis_add_service_dns(char *name, char *type, void *address, int size, void(*user_routine)(), dim_long tag, dim_long dnsid)
Definition: dis.c:234
static void user_routine(void *tagp, void *bufp, int *size)
Definition: diccpp.cxx:11

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