FACT++  1.0

This is a simple example which subscribes to the message service of one dedicated dim client. It can be used to remotely log its log-messages.

To redirect the output to a file use the shell redirection or the tee-program.

The program is stopped by CTRL-C

#include "MessageDim.h"
#include "tools.h"
#include <iostream>
int main(int, const char **argv)
// We could use putenv to make the Configure class change the value...
setenv("DIM_DNS_NODE", "localhost", 0);
// Get the name of the server we should subscribe to from the cmd line
const std::string server = argv[1] ? argv[1] : "TIME";
// Some info on the console
std::cout << "Subscribing to " << server << "/MESSAGE...\n" << std::endl;
// Create a message handler (default: redirects to stdout)
// Subscribe to SERVER/MESSAGE and start output
MessageDimRX msgrx(server, msg);
// Just do nothing ;)
while (1)
return 0;
// **************************************************************************
// **************************************************************************