FACT++  1.0
template<typename T >
bool Dim::SendCommand ( const std::string &  command,
const T &  t 

Simplification wrapper to send a command with the given data


commandDim command identifier
tobject to be sent, the pointer to the data to be sent is set to &t
Template Parameters
Ttype of the data to be sent. The size of the data to be sent is determined as sizeof(T)
the return value of DimClient::sendCommand

Definition at line 58 of file Dim.h.

References DimClient::sendCommand(), and t.

59  {
60  return DimClient::sendCommand(command.c_str(), const_cast<T*>(&t), sizeof(t));
61  }
static int sendCommand(const char *name, int data)
Definition: diccpp.cxx:1098
TT t
Definition: test_client.c:26

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