FACT++  1.0
Checksum Class Reference

#include <checksum.h>

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
 Checksum ()
 Checksum (const Checksum &sum)
 Checksum (uint64_t v)
uint32_t val () const
bool valid () const
void HandleCarryBits ()
Checksumoperator+= (const Checksum &sum)
Checksum operator+ (Checksum sum) const
bool add (const char *buf, size_t len, bool big_endian=true)
void addLoopSwapping (const uint16_t *sbuf, const uint16_t *end, uint32_t *hilo)
void addLoop (const uint16_t *sbuf, const uint16_t *end, uint32_t *hilo)
bool add (const std::vector< char > &v, bool big_endian=true)
std::string str (bool complm=true) const

Public Attributes

uint64_t buffer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file checksum.h.

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