FACT++  1.0
ConnectionDimFTM Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ConnectionDimFTM (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionFTM
 ConnectionFTM (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
void CmdToggleLed ()
void CmdPing ()
void CmdReqDynDat ()
void CmdReqStatDat ()
void CmdSendStatDat (const FTM::StaticData &data)
void CmdStartRun (bool log=true)
void CmdStopRun ()
void CmdTakeNevents (uint32_t n)
bool CmdSetRegister (uint16_t addr, uint16_t val)
bool CmdGetRegister (uint16_t addr)
bool CmdResetCrate (uint16_t addr)
bool CmdResetCamera ()
bool CmdDisableReports (bool b)
void SetVerbose (bool b)
void SetHexOutput (bool b)
void SetDynamicOut (bool b)
bool LoadStaticData (string name)
bool SaveStaticData (string name) const
bool SetThreshold (int32_t patch, int32_t value)
bool SetSelectedThresholds (const int32_t *th)
bool SetAllThresholds (const int32_t *th)
bool SetNoutof4 (int32_t patch, int32_t value)
bool SetPrescaling (uint32_t value)
bool EnableFTU (int32_t board, bool enable)
bool ToggleFTU (uint32_t board)
bool SetVal (uint16_t *dest, uint32_t val, uint32_t max)
bool SetTriggerInterval (uint32_t val)
bool SetTriggerDelay (uint32_t val)
bool SetTimeMarkerDelay (uint32_t val)
bool SetDeadTime (uint32_t val)
void Enable (FTM::StaticData::GeneralSettings type, bool enable)
bool SetTriggerSeq (const uint16_t d[3])
bool SetTriggerMultiplicity (uint16_t n)
bool SetTriggerWindow (uint16_t win)
bool SetCalibMultiplicity (uint16_t n)
bool SetCalibWindow (uint16_t win)
bool SetClockRegister (const uint64_t reg[])
bool EnableLP (FTM::StaticData::GeneralSettings lp, FTM::StaticData::LightPulserEnable group, bool enable)
bool SetIntensity (FTM::StaticData::GeneralSettings lp, uint16_t intensity)
bool EnablePixel (int16_t idx, bool enable)
bool DisableAllPixelsExcept (uint16_t idx)
bool DisableAllPatchesExcept (int16_t idx)
bool EnablePatch (int16_t idx, bool enable)
bool TogglePixel (uint16_t idx)
States GetState () const
uint32_t GetCounter (FTM::Types type)
const FTM::StaticDataGetStaticData () const

Private Member Functions

void UpdateFirstHeader ()
void UpdateFtuList ()
void UpdateStaticData ()
void UpdateDynamicData ()
void UpdateError ()
void UpdateCounter ()

Private Attributes

DimDescribedService fDimPassport
DimDescribedService fDimTriggerRates
DimDescribedService fDimError
DimDescribedService fDimFtuList
DimDescribedService fDimStaticData
DimDescribedService fDimDynamicData
DimDescribedService fDimCounter
uint64_t fTimeStamp
uint64_t fTimeStampOn
uint32_t fTriggerCounter
uint64_t fPrevState

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ConnectionFTM
enum  States {
  kDisconnected = StateMachineImp::kSM_UserMode, kConnected, kIdle, kConfigured,
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConnectionFTM
virtual void UpdateHeader ()
bool CheckConsistency (FTM::StaticData &data)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ConnectionFTM
map< uint16_t, uint32_t > fCounter
FTM::Header fHeader
FTM::FtuList fFtuList
FTM::StaticData fStaticData
FTM::DynamicData fDynamicData
FTM::Error fError
FTM::StaticData fBufStaticData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1242 of file ftmctrl.cc.

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