FACT++  1.0
ConnectionFSC Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ConnectionFSC (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
void SetVerbose (bool b)
void SetPositionsSensors (const vector< Interpolator2D::vec > &vec)
void SetPositionsBias (const vector< Interpolator2D::vec > &vec)
bool IsOpen () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void UpdateTemp (float, const vector< float > &)
virtual void UpdateHum (float, const vector< float > &)
virtual void UpdateVolt (float, const vector< float > &)
virtual void UpdateCur (float, const vector< float > &)

Protected Attributes

vector< Interpolator2D::vecfPositionsSensors
vector< Interpolator2D::vecfPositionsBias

Private Member Functions

double GetTempPT1000 (double R) const
bool CheckChecksum ()
bool ProcessMessage ()
void StartRead ()
void HandleRead (const boost::system::error_code &err, size_t bytes_received)
void ConnectionEstablished ()
void HandleReconnectTimeout (const bs::error_code &)
void HandleReadTimeout (const bs::error_code &error)

Private Attributes

FSC::BinaryOutput_t fMsg
bool fIsVerbose
bool fIsAutoReconnect
size_t fNumConsecutiveErrors
size_t fNumConsecutiveMessages
boost::asio::deadline_timer fReconnectTimeout

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file fscctrl.cc.

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