FACT++  1.0
ConnectionGCN Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ConnectionGCN (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
void SetVerbose (bool b)
void SetDebugRx (bool b)
void SetEndPoints (const vector< string > &v)
void StartConnect ()
bool IsValid ()

Private Member Functions

GCN::PaketType_t GetType (const QDomElement &what)
int ProcessXml (const QDomElement &root)
void HandleReceivedData (const bs::error_code &err, size_t bytes_received, int type)
void StartRead ()
void ConnectionEstablished ()

Private Attributes

map< uint16_t, GCN::PaketType_tfTypes
vector< string > fEndPoints
int fEndPoint
bool fIsVerbose
bool fDebugRx
uint32_t fRxSize
vector< char > fRxData
Time fLastKeepAlive

Detailed Description

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