FACT++  1.0
DimCommand Class Reference

#include <dis.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 DimCommand (const char *name, char *format)
 DimCommand (const char *name, char *format, DimCommandHandler *handler)
 DimCommand (DimServerDns *dns, const char *name, char *format)
 DimCommand (DimServerDns *dns, const char *name, char *format, DimCommandHandler *handler)
 DimCommand (const char *name, const char *format)
 DimCommand (const char *name, const char *format, DimCommandHandler *handler)
 DimCommand (DimServerDns *dns, const char *name, const char *format)
 DimCommand (DimServerDns *dns, const char *name, const char *format, DimCommandHandler *handler)
int getNext ()
int hasNext ()
void * getData ()
int getInt ()
float getFloat ()
double getDouble ()
longlong getLonglong ()
short getShort ()
char * getString ()
int getSize ()
char * getFormat ()
int getTimestamp ()
int getTimestampMillisecs ()
virtual void commandHandler ()
char * getName ()
virtual ~DimCommand ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimCommandHandler
DimCommandgetCommand ()
virtual ~DimCommandHandler ()

Public Attributes

void * itsData
int itsSize
int secs
int millisecs
- Public Attributes inherited from DimCommandHandler

Private Member Functions

void declareIt (char *name, char *format, DimCommandHandler *handler, DimServerDns *dns)

Private Attributes

char * itsName
int itsId
int itsTagId
char * itsFormat
SLList itsCmndList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 245 of file dis.hxx.

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