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DimDescriptionService Class Reference

A DimService which broadcasts descriptions for services and commands. More...

#include <DimDescriptionService.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DimDescriptionService (const std::string &name, const std::string &format)
 Local storage for the applied description. More...
virtual ~DimDescriptionService ()
std::string GetDescription () const

Private Attributes

std::string fDescription
 Data to be distributed with the service. More...

Static Private Attributes

static int fCount = 0
static DimServicefService = 0
 Counter to count the number of instatiations. More...
static std::string fData = ""
 Pointer to the DimService distributing the desscriptions. More...

Detailed Description

A DimService which broadcasts descriptions for services and commands.

The DimDescriptionService creates a service with the name of the server like SERVER/SERVICE_DESC. This is meant in addition to the SERVICE_LIST service of each node to contain a description of the service and its arguments.

Assume you have created a service (or command) with the format I:2;F:1 a valid description string would look like

Description|int[addr]:Address range (from - to)|val[byte]:Value to be set

Description is a general description of the command or service itself, int and val are the names of the arguments (e.g. names of FITS columns), addr and byte have the meaning of a unit (e.g. unit of FITS column) and the text after the colon is a description of the arguments (e.g. comment of a FITS column). The description must not contain a line-break character

You can omit either the name, the unit or the comment or any combination of them. The descriptions of the individual format strings are separated by a vertical line.

The description should contain as many descriptions as format chunks, e.g.

  • I:1 should contain one description chunks
  • I:1;F:1 should contain two description chunks
  • I:2;F:1 should contain two description chunks
  • I:2;I:1;F:1 should contain three description chunks

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