FACT++  1.0
int DimTimer::start ( int  time)

Definition at line 29 of file dimcpp.cxx.

References dtq_start_timer(), firedFlag, runningFlag, and timer_user_routine().

Referenced by DimTimer(), and DimRpcInfo::doIt().

30 {
31  if(runningFlag)
32  return 0;
33  runningFlag = 1;
34  firedFlag = 0;
36  return 1;
37 }
int runningFlag
Definition: dim.hxx:24
static void timer_user_routine(void *tp)
Definition: dimcpp.cxx:18
void dtq_start_timer(int time, void(*user_routine)(), dim_long tag)
Definition: dtq.c:790
int firedFlag
Definition: dim.hxx:23
Warning because the service this data corrsponds to might have been last updated longer ago than Local time
Definition: smartfact.txt:92

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