FACT++  1.0
void dtq_start_timer ( int  time,
void(*)()  user_routine,
dim_long  tag 

Definition at line 790 of file dtq.c.

References dim_dtq_init(), dim_init_threads(), dtq_add_entry(), SPECIAL_QUEUE, user_routine(), and WRITE_QUEUE.

Referenced by check_browser(), create_browser(), dis_start_serving_dns(), dna_write(), do_inform_clients(), dtq_sleep(), handle_dns_info(), Java_dim_DimTimer_start(), main(), request_command(), request_dns_info(), request_service(), send_command(), DimTimer::start(), and update_services().

791 {
792  extern void dim_init_threads();
794  if(!Threads_off)
795  {
797  }
798  dim_dtq_init(0);
799  if(time != 0)
801  else
803 }
int dim_dtq_init(int thr_flag)
Definition: dtq.c:91
Definition: dtq.c:32
Definition: dtq.c:33
void dim_init_threads()
Definition: dim_thr.c:399
static int Threads_off
Definition: dtq.c:71
Warning because the service this data corrsponds to might have been last updated longer ago than Local time
Definition: smartfact.txt:92
TIMR_ENT * dtq_add_entry(int queue_id, int time, void(*user_routine)(), dim_long tag)
Definition: dtq.c:399
static void user_routine(void *tagp, void *bufp, int *size)
Definition: diccpp.cxx:11

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