FACT++  1.0
DrsCalibrateTime Class Reference

#include <DrsCalib.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DrsCalibrateTime ()
 DrsCalibrateTime (const DrsCalibrateTime &p)
virtual ~DrsCalibrateTime ()
double Sum (uint32_t i) const
double W (uint32_t i) const
virtual void InitSize (uint16_t channels, uint16_t samples)
void Reset ()
void AddT (const float *val, const int16_t *start, signed char edge=0)
void FillEmptyBins ()
DrsCalibrateTime GetComplete () const
void CalcResult ()
DrsCalibrateTime GetResult () const
double Offset (uint32_t ch, double pos) const
double Calib (uint32_t ch, double pos) const

Public Attributes

int64_t fNumEntries
size_t fNumSamples
size_t fNumChannels
std::vector< std::pair< double, double > > fStat

Detailed Description

Definition at line 930 of file DrsCalib.h.

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