FACT++  1.0
MPointing Class Reference

#include <MPointing.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MPointing ()
 MPointing (const char *name)
virtual ~MPointing ()
Bool_t Load (const char *name)
Bool_t Save (const char *name)
void Reset ()
ZdAz Correct (const ZdAz &zdaz) const
AltAz Correct (const AltAz &aaz) const
TVector3 Correct (const TVector3 &v) const
ZdAz CorrectBack (const ZdAz &zdaz) const
AltAz CorrectBack (const AltAz &aaz) const
TVector3 CorrectBack (const TVector3 &v) const
ZdAz operator() (const ZdAz &zdaz) const
AltAz operator() (const AltAz &aaz) const
TVector3 operator() (const TVector3 &v) const
ZdAz operator() (const ZdAz &zdaz, void(*fcn)(ZdAz &zdaz, Double_t *par)) const
AltAz operator() (const AltAz &aaz, void(*fcn)(AltAz &aaz, Double_t *par)) const
TVector3 operator() (const TVector3 &aaz, void(*fcn)(TVector3 &aaz, Double_t *par)) const
AltAz AddOffsets (const AltAz &aa) const
ZdAz AddOffsets (const ZdAz &zdaz) const
TVector3 AddOffsets (const TVector3 &v) const
AltAz SubtractOffsets (const AltAz &aa) const
ZdAz SubtractOffsets (const ZdAz &zdaz) const
TVector3 SubtractOffsets (const TVector3 &v) const
void SetParameters (const Double_t *par, Int_t n=kNumPar)
void GetParameters (Double_t *par, Int_t n=kNumPar) const
void SetParameters (const TArrayD &par)
void GetParameters (TArrayD &par) const
void GetError (TArrayD &par) const
Double_t & operator[] (UInt_t i)
void SetMinuitParameters (TMinuit &m, Int_t n=-1) const
void GetMinuitParameters (TMinuit &m, Int_t n=-1)
void PrintMinuitParameters (TMinuit &m, Int_t n=-1) const
const TString & GetVarName (int i) const
const TString & GetDescription (int i) const
TVector2 GetDxy () const
Double_t GetPx () const
Double_t GetPy () const
Bool_t IsPxValid () const
Bool_t IsPyValid () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const Int_t GetNumPar ()

Private Types

enum  {
  kIA, kIE, kFLOP, kAN,
  kAW, kNPAE, kCA, kTF,
  kACEC, kNRX, kNRY, kCRX,
  kCRY, kMAGIC1, kMAGIC2, kPX,
  kPY, kDX, kDY, kNumPar

Private Member Functions

void Init (const char *name=0, const char *title=0)
void Clear (Option_t *o="")
AltAz CalcAnAw (const AltAz &p, Int_t sign) const

Static Private Member Functions

static Double_t Sign (Double_t val, Double_t alt)

Private Attributes

Double_t fIe
Double_t fIa
Double_t fFlop
Double_t fNpae
Double_t fCa
Double_t fAn
Double_t fAw
Double_t fTf
Double_t fTx
Double_t fNrx
Double_t fNry
Double_t fCrx
Double_t fCry
Double_t fEces
Double_t fAces
Double_t fEcec
Double_t fAcec
Double_t fMagic1
Double_t fMagic2
Double_t fPx
Double_t fPy
Double_t fDx
Double_t fDy
Double_t ** fCoeff
TString * fNames
TString * fDescr
TArrayD fError

Detailed Description

Definition at line 127 of file MPointing.h.

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