FACT++  1.0
MVideo Class Reference

#include <MVideo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MVideo (const char *path="/dev/video0")
virtual ~MVideo ()
Bool_t IsOpen () const
Bool_t CanCapture () const
Bool_t HasTuner () const
Int_t GetNumBuffers () const
Int_t GetWidth () const
Int_t GetHeight () const
Bool_t Open (Int_t channel=0)
Int_t Close ()
Int_t SetChannel (Int_t chan)
Bool_t ReadControl (MVideoCtrl &vctrl) const
Bool_t WriteControl (MVideoCtrl &vctrl, Int_t val) const
Bool_t SetControls (TEnv &env) const
Bool_t ResetControl (MVideoCtrl &vctrl) const
Bool_t ResetControls () const
Bool_t CaptureStart (unsigned int frame) const
Int_t CaptureWait (unsigned int frame, unsigned char **ptr=0) const
Bool_t Start ()
void Print () const

Protected Attributes

struct video_capability fCaps
struct video_channel fChannel
struct video_picture fProp
struct video_tuner fAbil
ULong64_t fVideoStandard
std::vector< v4l2_input > fInputs
std::vector< v4l2_standard > fStandards
std::vector< std::pair< v4l2_buffer, void * > > fBuffers
TList fControls

Private Member Functions

int Ioctl (int req, void *opt, bool allowirq=true, bool force=false) const
void Reset ()
Bool_t EnumerateControls (UInt_t id)
Bool_t EnumerateControls ()
Bool_t GetCapabilities ()
Bool_t GetProperties ()
Bool_t GetTunerAbilities ()
Bool_t GetVideoStandard ()
Bool_t Init (Int_t channel)
template<class S >
Bool_t Enumerate (std::vector< S > &s, int request)
void PrintInputs () const
void PrintStandards () const
TString GetDevType (int type) const
TString GetChannelFlags (Int_t flags) const
TString GetChannelType (Int_t type) const
TString GetTunerFlags (Int_t type) const
TString GetTunerMode (Int_t type) const
TString GetPalette (Int_t pal) const

Private Attributes

TString fPath
int fFileDesc
unsigned char * fMapBuffer

Detailed Description

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