FACT++  1.0
StateMachineBias< T, S > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StateMachineBias (ostream &out=cout)
 ~StateMachineBias ()
int EvalOptions (Configuration &conf)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StateMachineAsio< T >
 StateMachineAsio (std::ostream &out, const std::string &server)
void Stop (int code=0)

Private Member Functions

int Wrap (boost::function< void()> f)
function< int(const EventImp &)> Wrapper (function< void()> func)
bool CheckEventSize (size_t has, const char *name, size_t size)
int SetGlobalDac (const EventImp &evt)
int SetAllChannelsDac (const EventImp &evt)
int SetChannelDac (const EventImp &evt)
int SetChannelVolt (const EventImp &evt)
int SetGlobalVolt (const EventImp &evt)
int SetAllChannelsVolt (const EventImp &evt)
int ExpertSetGlobalVolt (const EventImp &evt)
int ExpertSetGlobalDac (const EventImp &evt)
int ExpertSetChannelVolt (const EventImp &evt)
int ExpertSetChannelDac (const EventImp &evt)
int ExpertLoadMapFile (const EventImp &evt)
int SetUpdateInterval (const EventImp &evt)
int Disconnect ()
int Reconnect (const EventImp &evt)
int SetVerbosity (const EventImp &evt)
int SetDummyMode (const EventImp &evt)
int SetExpertMode (const EventImp &evt)
int Shutdown (const string &reason)
int Unlock ()
int Execute ()

Private Attributes

bool fExpertMode
Time fSunRise

Detailed Description

template<class T, class S>
class StateMachineBias< T, S >

Definition at line 1626 of file biasctrl.cc.

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