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WindowLog Class Reference

A C++ ostream to an ncurses window supporting attributes and colors. More...

#include <WindowLog.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WindowLog ()
 WindowLog (WindowLog const &log)
 ~WindowLog ()
void SetWindow (WINDOW *w)
 Redirect the output to an ncurses WINDOW instead of cout. More...
bool OpenLogFile (const std::string &filename, bool append=false)
 Open a log-file. More...
void CloseLogFile ()
 Close a log-file. More...
void Display (bool empty=false)
 Display backlog. More...
void EmptyBacklog ()
 Empty backlog. More...
size_t GetSizeBacklog () const
 Get the current size of the backlog in bytes. More...
std::string GetSizeStr () const
void SetNullOutput (bool n=true)
 Switch on or off any physical output to the screen (cout or fWindow) More...
bool GetNullOutput () const
void SetBacklog (bool n=true)
 Switch on or off any storage in the backlog. More...
bool GetBacklog () const

Private Member Functions

void AddAttr (int m)
void AddColor (int m)
bool WriteFile (const std::string &)
void WriteBuffer ()
int sync ()
 This is called to flush the buffer of the streaming devices. More...
int overflow (int i)

Static Private Member Functions

static std::string GetAnsiAttr (int m)

Private Attributes

char fBuffer
char fBase [fgBufferSize+1]
char * fPPtr
 Buffer to store the data in. More...
const char * fEPtr
 Pointer to present position in buffer. More...
 Pointer to end of buffer. More...
std::vector< char > fBacklog
 Pointer to an ncurses Window. More...
std::map< int, int > fAttributes
 Backlog storage. More...
std::ofstream fLogFile
 Storage for attributes (backlog) More...
bool fIsNull
 Stream for redirection to a log-file. More...
bool fEnableBacklog
 Switch to toggle off physical output to the screen. More...
std::mutex fMuxBacklog
 Switch to toggle storage in the backlog on or off. More...
std::mutex fMuxFile
 Mutex securing backlog access. More...
std::mutex fMuxCout
 Mutex securing file access. More...
std::mutex fMuxWindow
 Mutex securing output to cout. More...
Queue< std::string > fQueueFile
 Mutex securing output to fWindow. More...

Static Private Attributes

static const int fgBufferSize = 160


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &lout, WindowLogColor m)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &lout, WindowLogAttrs m)

Detailed Description

A C++ ostream to an ncurses window supporting attributes and colors.


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