FACT++  1.0
didMarkus.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <dim.h>
#include <dic.h>
#include <dis.h>
#include "did.h"
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typedef char DID_SLOT[MAX_NAME]


void did_exit ()
void create_main ()
void create_label ()
void create_matrix ()
void view_opts ()
void dns_control ()
void ok_pop_up ()
void cancel_pop_up ()
void set_something ()
void get_something ()
void set_color ()
XmFontList util_get_font (char *fontname, Widget top)
void create_matrix_widget ()
void gui_create_main_window (Widget parent)
Widget create_separator (Widget parent_id)
void gui_create_main_menu (Widget mb)
Widget gui_toplevel (char **argv)
Widget gui_initialize (int argc, char **argv)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
void app_initialize (int tag)
void s_error (char *problem_string)
void did_exit (Widget w, int *tag, unsigned long *reason)
void create_main (Widget w, int *tag, unsigned long *reason)
void view_opts (Widget w, int tag, unsigned long *reason)
void dns_control (Widget w, int tag, unsigned long *reason)
void get_server_node ()
void get_server_service ()
int get_nodes (char *node_ptr)
void get_service_format ()
void recv_service_info (int *tag, int *buffer, int *size)
void print_service_formatted (void *buff, int size)
int did_write_string (char type, int num, void **buffer_ptr, int ssize)
void print_service_standard (int *buff, int size)
void print_service_longlong (longlong *buff, int size)
void print_service_short (short *buff, int size)
void print_service_char (char *buff, int size)
void print_service_float (float *buff, int size)
void print_service_double (double *buff, int size)
void ok_pop_up (Widget w, long tag, unsigned long *reason)
int get_type_size (char type)
void did_prepare_command (char *str)
int read_str_int (char *str)
int read_str_char (char *str, char *cc)
void did_read_string (char type, int num, void **buffer_ptr, char **str_ptr)
void cancel_pop_up (Widget w, int tag, unsigned long *reason)
void create_matrix (Widget w, int *tag, unsigned long *reason)
void create_label (Widget w, int *tag, unsigned long *reason)
void switch_matrix ()
void update_servers_new (int *tag, char *buffer, int *size)
SERVERfind_server (char *node, int pid)
void update_servers (int *tag, DNS_DID *buffer, int *size)
void show_servers ()
void update_show_servers (void *tag, unsigned long *reason)
Widget create_button (char *name, SERVER *servp)
void remove_all_buttons ()
void remove_button (SERVER *servp)
void activate_services (Widget w, SERVER *servp, unsigned long *reason)
void kick_it ()
void got_service_list (SERVER **servp_ptr, char *buffer, int *size)
void do_got_service_list (SERVER *servp)
void show_clients (SERVER **servp_ptr, char *buffer, int *size)
void do_show_clients (SERVER *servp)
void activate_clients (Widget w, SERVER *servp, unsigned long *reason)
void kick_it_again ()
Widget put_popup (SERVER *servp, int type, char *title)
Widget put_selection (int tag, char *title)
void check_put_label (int tag)
void put_label ()
Widget create_client_dialog ()
Widget create_server_dialog ()
Widget create_node_selection ()
Widget create_service_selection ()
Widget create_send_command ()
Widget create_kill_confirmation ()
Widget create_selection_dialog (char *ok, char *apply, char *cancel, char *list, char *sel, long tag, int items)
Widget create_file_selection_dialog (long type)
Widget create_prompt_dialog (char *label, long tag)
Widget create_question_dialog (char *label, long tag)
Widget create_service_dialog ()
Widget create_push_button (Widget parent, char *str, long tag)


int First_time = 1
int Curr_view_opt = -1
char Curr_view_opt_par [80]
char Curr_service_name [132]
char Curr_service_format [256]
int Curr_service_print_type = 0
int N_servers = 0
int N_services = 0
int no_link_int = -1
FILE * fptr
char * Service_content_str
char * Service_buffer
int Service_size
char * Curr_service_list = 0
char * Curr_client_list = 0
int Curr_service_id = 0
Widget Curr_client_id
Widget Curr_service_list_id
SERVERGot_Service_List = 0
SERVERGot_Client_List = 0
Widget SubscribeButton
Widget Subscribe10Button
int Timer_q
int Force_update = 0
static XmFontList did_default_font
static XmFontList did_small_font
static XmFontList did_label_font
static XmFontList did_server_font
static char no_link = -1
Pixel rgb_colors [MAX_COLORS]