FACT++  1.0
void server_cmnd_callback ( jobject *  _theDataDecoder,
void *  dataAddress,
int *  _dataSize 

Definition at line 1419 of file dim_jni.c.

References DBGe, decodeData(), dim_Dbg_CMND_CALLBACK, and Java_dim_Server_addCommand().

Referenced by Java_dim_Server_addCommand().

1420 {
1422  DBGe(dim_Dbg_CMND_CALLBACK) printf("DimJNI: server CMND_CALLBACK(data: %08lx(%08x))\n", (dim_long) dataAddress, *_dataSize);
1424  decodeData(_theDataDecoder, dataAddress, _dataSize, 0);
1425 }
#define dim_Dbg_CMND_CALLBACK
Definition: dim_jni.h:50
long dim_long
Definition: dim_common.h:57
float data[4 *1440]
#define DBGe(test)
Definition: dim_jni.c:64
void decodeData(jobject *_theDataDecoder, void *dataAddress, int *_dataSize, int cleanup)
Definition: dim_jni.c:838

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