FACT++  1.0
dis_old.c File Reference
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/timeb.h>
#include <dim.h>
#include <dis.h>
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struct  dis_dns_ent
struct  req_ent
struct  serv
struct  reqp_ent
struct  cli_ent
struct  exit_ent
struct  cmnds


#define DIMLIB
#define ALL   0
#define MORE   1
#define NONE   2
#define MAX_HASH_ENTRIES   5000


typedef struct dis_dns_ent DIS_DNS_CONN
typedef struct req_ent REQUEST
typedef struct serv SERVICE
typedef struct reqp_ent REQUEST_PTR
typedef struct cli_ent CLIENT
typedef struct exit_ent EXIT_H
typedef struct cmnds DIS_CMND


 _DIM_PROTO (static void dis_insert_request,(int conn_id, DIC_PACKET *dic_packet, int size, int status))
 _DIM_PROTO (int execute_service,(int req_id))
 _DIM_PROTO (void execute_command,(SERVICE *servp, DIC_PACKET *packet))
 _DIM_PROTO (void register_dns_services,(int flag))
 _DIM_PROTO (void register_services,(DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp, int flag, int dns_flag))
 _DIM_PROTO (void std_cmnd_handler,(long *tag, int *cmnd_buff, int *size))
 _DIM_PROTO (void client_info,(long *tag, int **bufp, int *size))
 _DIM_PROTO (void add_exit_handler,(int *tag, int *bufp, int *size))
 _DIM_PROTO (static void exit_handler,(int *tag, int *bufp, int *size))
 _DIM_PROTO (static void error_handler,(int conn_id, int severity, int errcode, char *reason))
 _DIM_PROTO (SERVICE *find_service,(char *name))
 _DIM_PROTO (CLIENT *find_client,(int conn_id))
 _DIM_PROTO (static int get_format_data,(FORMAT_STR *format_data, char *def))
 _DIM_PROTO (static int release_conn,(int conn_id, int print_flag, int dns_flag))
 _DIM_PROTO (SERVICE *dis_hash_service_get_next,(int *start, SERVICE *prev, int flag))
 _DIM_PROTO (static unsigned do_dis_add_service_dns,(char *name, char *type, void *address, int size, void(*user_routine)(), long tag, long dnsid))
 _DIM_PROTO (static DIS_DNS_CONN *create_dns,(long dnsid))
void dis_set_debug_on ()
void dis_set_debug_off ()
void dis_no_threads ()
int dis_set_buffer_size (int size)
static int check_service_name (char *name)
static void dis_init ()
static unsigned do_dis_add_service_dns (char *name, char *type, void *address, int size, void(*user_routine)(), long tag, long dnsid)
static unsigned do_dis_add_service (char *name, char *type, void *address, int size, void(*user_routine)(), long tag)
unsigned dis_add_service (char *name, char *type, void *address, int size, void(*user_routine)(), long tag)
unsigned dis_add_service_dns (long dnsid, char *name, char *type, void *address, int size, void(*user_routine)(), long tag)
static unsigned do_dis_add_cmnd_dns (char *name, char *type, void(*user_routine)(), long tag, long dnsid)
static unsigned do_dis_add_cmnd (char *name, char *type, void(*user_routine)(), long tag)
unsigned dis_add_cmnd (char *name, char *type, void(*user_routine)(), long tag)
unsigned dis_add_cmnd_dns (long dnsid, char *name, char *type, void(*user_routine)(), long tag)
void dis_add_client_exit_handler (void(*user_routine)())
void dis_add_exit_handler (void(*user_routine)())
void dis_add_error_handler (void(*user_routine)())
static int get_format_data (FORMAT_STR *format_data, char *def)
void recv_dns_dis_rout (int conn_id, DNS_DIS_PACKET *packet, int size, int status)
int send_dns_update_packet (DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp)
void do_register_services (DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp)
void register_services (DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp, int flag, int dns_flag)
void unregister_service (DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp, SERVICE *servp)
void do_update_service_list (DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp)
int dis_start_serving (char *task)
static DIS_DNS_CONNcreate_dns (long dnsid)
void dis_dns_init ()
int dis_start_serving_dns (long dnsid, char *task)
static void dis_insert_request (int conn_id, DIC_PACKET *dic_packet, int size, int status)
int execute_service (int req_id)
void remove_service (int req_id)
void execute_command (SERVICE *servp, DIC_PACKET *packet)
void dis_report_service (char *serv_name)
int dis_update_service (unsigned service_id)
int dis_selective_update_service (unsigned service_id, int *client_ids)
int check_client (REQUEST *reqp, int *client_ids)
int do_update_service (unsigned service_id, int *client_ids)
int dis_get_n_clients (unsigned service_id)
int dis_get_timeout (unsigned service_id, int client_id)
void dis_set_quality (unsigned serv_id, int quality)
int dis_set_timestamp (unsigned serv_id, int secs, int millisecs)
int dis_get_timestamp (unsigned serv_id, int *secs, int *millisecs)
void dis_send_service (unsigned service_id, int *buffer, int size)
int dis_remove_service (unsigned service_id)
void do_dis_stop_serving_dns (DIS_DNS_CONN *dnsp)
void dis_stop_serving_dns (long dnsid)
void dis_stop_serving ()
SERVICEfind_service (char *name)
CLIENTfind_client (int conn_id)
void release_all_requests (int conn_id, CLIENT *clip)
CLIENTcheck_delay_delete (int conn_id)
char * dis_get_error_services ()
char * dis_get_client_services (int conn_id)
int find_release_request (int conn_id, int service_id)
int release_request (REQUEST *reqp, REQUEST_PTR *reqpp, int remove)
static int release_conn (int conn_id, int print_flg, int dns_flag)
void std_cmnd_handler (long *tag, int *cmnd_buff, int *size)
int dis_get_next_cmnd (long *tag, int *buffer, int *size)
int dis_get_conn_id ()
int dis_get_client (char *name)
void client_info (long *tag, int **bufp, int *size, int *first_time)
void append_service (char *service_info_buffer, SERVICE *servp)
void service_info (long *tag, int **bufp, int *size, int *first_time)
void add_exit_handler (int *tag, int *bufp, int *size)
void dis_set_client_exit_handler (int conn_id, int tag)
int do_exit_handler (int conn_id)
static void exit_handler (int *tag, int *bufp, int *size)
static void error_handler (int conn_id, int severity, int errcode, char *reason)
int dis_hash_service_init ()
int dis_hash_service_insert (SERVICE *servp)
int dis_hash_service_registered (int index, SERVICE *servp)
int dis_hash_service_remove (SERVICE *servp)
SERVICEdis_hash_service_exists (char *name)
SERVICEdis_hash_service_get_next (int *curr_index, SERVICE *prevp, int new_entries)
DIS_DNS_CONNdis_find_dns (long dnsid)
int dis_no_dns ()
DIS_DNS_CONNfind_dns_by_conn_id (int conn_id)
void dis_print_hash_table ()
void dis_hash_print ()


static CLIENTClient_head = (CLIENT *)0
static DIS_DNS_CONNDNS_head = (DIS_DNS_CONN *)0
static int Dis_first_time = 1
static int Protocol
static int Port_number
static int Dis_conn_id = 0
static int Curr_conn_id = 0
static int Serving = 0
static void(* Client_exit_user_routine )()=0
static void(* Exit_user_routine )()=0
static void(* Error_user_routine )()=0
static int Error_conn_id = 0
static EXIT_HExit_h_head = (EXIT_H *)0
static int Version_number = DIM_VERSION_NUMBER
static int Dis_timer_q = 0
static int Threads_off = 0
static int Last_client
static int Debug_on = 0
static DIS_STAMPED_PACKETDis_packet = 0
static int Dis_packet_size = 0
static DIS_CMNDCmnds_head = (DIS_CMND *)0
static SERVICEService_hash_table [MAX_HASH_ENTRIES]
static int Service_new_entries [MAX_HASH_ENTRIES]