FACT++  1.0
EVT_CTRL2 Struct Reference

#include <EventBuilder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EVT_CTRL2 (int req, const std::shared_ptr< RUN_CTRL2 > &run)
 ~EVT_CTRL2 ()
 operator RUN_HEAD () const
bool valid () const
bool initMemory ()

Public Attributes

uint32_t runNum
uint32_t evNum
uint32_t trgNum
uint32_t trgTyp
uint32_t fadLen
uint16_t nBoard
int16_t board [NBOARDS]
uint16_t nRoi
uint16_t nRoiTM
timeval time
EVENT * fEvent
int closeRequest
std::array< uint32_t, 8 > triggerCounter
std::shared_ptr< RUN_CTRL2runCtrl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file EventBuilder.h.

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