FACT++  1.0
FTM::DimFtuList Struct Reference

#include <HeadersFTM.h>

Public Member Functions

 DimFtuList (const Header &h, const FtuList &d)
 Number of pings until response (same as in Error) More...
bool IsActive (int i) const

Public Attributes

uint64_t fTimeStamp
uint64_t fActiveFTU
uint16_t fNumBoards
uint8_t fNumBoardsCrate [4]
 Number of boards answered in total. More...
uint64_t fDNA [40]
 Number of boards answered per crate. More...
uint8_t fAddr [40]
 DNA of FTU board. More...
uint8_t fPing [40]
 Address of FTU board. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 672 of file HeadersFTM.h.

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