FACT++  1.0
FTM::DimStaticData Struct Reference

#include <HeadersFTM.h>

Public Member Functions

bool HasTrigger () const
bool HasPedestal () const
bool HasLPext () const
bool HasLPint () const
bool HasExt2 () const
bool HasExt1 () const
bool HasVeto () const
bool HasClockConditioner () const
bool HasLPextG1 () const
bool HasLPextG2 () const
bool HasLPintG1 () const
bool HasLPintG2 () const
bool IsActive (int i) const
bool IsEnabled (int i) const
 DimStaticData ()
 DimStaticData (const Header &h, const StaticData &d)

Public Attributes

uint64_t fTimeStamp
uint16_t fGeneralSettings
uint16_t fStatusLEDs
uint64_t fActiveFTU
uint16_t fTriggerInterval
uint16_t fTriggerSeqLPint
uint16_t fTriggerSeqLPext
uint16_t fTriggerSeqPed
uint8_t fEnableLPint
uint8_t fEnableLPext
 Enable for LED group 1/2 (LightPulserEnable) More...
uint8_t fIntensityLPint
 Enable for LED group 1/2 (LightPulserEnable) More...
uint8_t fIntensityLPext
 Intensity of LEDs (0-127) More...
uint16_t fMultiplicityPhysics
 Intensity of LEDs (0-127) More...
uint16_t fMultiplicityCalib
uint16_t fWindowPhysics
uint16_t fWindowCalib
uint16_t fDelayTrigger
uint16_t fDelayTimeMarker
uint32_t fDeadTime
uint32_t fClockConditioner [8]
uint16_t fEnable [90]
uint16_t fThreshold [160]
uint16_t fMultiplicity [40]
uint16_t fPrescaling [40]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 378 of file HeadersFTM.h.

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