FACT++  1.0
__attribute__ Struct Reference

#include <FAD.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t start_package_flag
uint16_t package_length
uint16_t version_no
uint16_t PLLLCK
uint16_t trigger_crc
uint16_t trigger_type
uint32_t trigger_id
uint32_t fad_evt_counter
uint32_t REFCLK_frequency
uint16_t board_id
uint8_t zeroes
int8_t adc_clock_phase_shift
uint16_t number_of_triggers_to_generate
uint16_t trigger_generator_prescaler
uint64_t DNA
uint32_t time
uint32_t runnumber
int16_t drs_temperature [NTemp]
uint16_t dac [NDAC]
uint16_t id
uint16_t start_cell
uint16_t roi
uint16_t filling
int16_t adc_data []
uint16_t package_crc
uint16_t end_package_flag
uint32_t bufNew
uint32_t bufEvt
uint32_t bufWrite
uint32_t bufProc
uint32_t bufTot
uint64_t totMem
uint64_t usdMem
uint64_t maxMem
int32_t deltaT
int32_t rateNew
int32_t rateWrite
int8_t numConn [NBOARDS]
uint32_t rateBytes [NBOARDS]
int32_t relBytes [NBOARDS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file FAD.h.

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