FACT++  1.0
ConnectionDimBias Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void UpdateVA ()
 ConnectionDimBias (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionBias
 ConnectionBias (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
bool CheckDac (uint16_t dac)
bool CheckChannel (uint16_t ch)
bool CheckChannelVoltage (uint16_t ch, float volt)
bool RampSingleChannelDac (uint16_t ch, uint16_t dac)
bool RampAllChannelsDac (const vector< uint16_t > &dac)
bool RampAllDacs (uint16_t dac)
uint16_t ConvertVoltToDac (uint16_t ch, double volt)
double ConvertDacToVolt (uint16_t ch, uint16_t dac)
bool RampSingleChannelVoltage (uint16_t ch, float volt)
bool RampAllChannelsVoltage (const vector< float > &volt)
bool RampAllVoltages (float volt)
void OverCurrentReset ()
void ReadAllChannels (bool special=false)
bool SetReferences (const vector< float > &volt, const vector< float > &offset, const vector< float > &slope)
void RampStop ()
void RampStart ()
void SetRampTime (uint16_t val)
void SetRampStep (uint16_t val)
uint16_t GetRampStepVolt () const
bool IsRamping () const
void ExpertReset (bool expert_mode=true)
bool ExpertChannelSetDac (uint16_t ch, uint16_t dac)
bool ExpertChannelSetVolt (uint16_t ch, double volt)
bool ExpertGlobalSetDac (uint16_t dac)
bool ExpertGlobalSetVolt (float volt)
void SetVerbose (bool b)
void SetDummyMode (bool b)
void PrintInfo ()
void PrintLineA (int b, int ch)
void PrintA ()
void PrintLineV (int b, int ch)
void PrintV ()
void PrintLineGapd (int b, int ch)
void PrintReferenceVoltage ()
void SetUpdateInterval (uint32_t val)
void SetSyncDelay (uint16_t val)
void SetVoltMaxAbs (float max)
void SetVoltMaxRel (float max)
uint16_t GetVoltMaxAbs () const
uint16_t GetVoltMaxRel () const
State::states_t GetStatus ()
void SetReconnectDelay (uint32_t delay=1)
void SetEmergencyLimit (int32_t limit=0)
void ResetEmergencyShutdown ()
bool IsEmergencyShutdown () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionUSB
void SetLogStream (MessageImp *log)
std::ostream & Out ()
void AsyncRead (const boost::asio::mutable_buffers_1 buffers, int type=0, int counter=0)
void AsyncWrite (const boost::asio::const_buffers_1 &buffers)
void AsyncWait (boost::asio::deadline_timer &timer, int millisec, void(ConnectionUSB::*handler)(const boost::system::error_code &))
 ConnectionUSB (boost::asio::io_service &io_service, std::ostream &out)
void SetEndpoint (const std::string &addr)
void Connect ()
void PostClose (int64_t delay=0)
void PostMessage (const void *msg, size_t s=0)
void PostMessage (const std::string &cmd, size_t s=-1)
template<typename T , size_t N>
void PostMessage (const std::array< T, N > &msg)
template<typename T >
void PostMessage (const std::vector< T > &msg)
virtual void HandleReceivedData (const boost::system::error_code &, size_t, int=0, int=0)
virtual void HandleTransmittedData (size_t)
virtual void HandleReadTimeout (const boost::system::error_code &)
int IsClosed () const
bool IsConnected () const
bool IsConnecting () const
std::string URL () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MessageImp
 MessageImp (std::ostream &out=std::cout)
virtual ~MessageImp ()
virtual void IndicateStateChange (const Time &, const std::string &)
void StateChanged (const Time &time, const std::string &server, const std::string &msg, int state)
int Update (const std::string &txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const char *txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const std::ostringstream &str, int severity=kMessage)
int Debug (const std::string &str)
int Message (const std::string &str)
int Info (const std::string &str)
int Warn (const std::string &str)
int Error (const std::string &str)
int Alarm (const std::string &str)
int Fatal (const std::string &str)
int Comment (const std::string &str)
int Debug (const char *txt)
int Message (const char *txt)
int Info (const char *txt)
int Warn (const char *txt)
int Error (const char *txt)
int Alarm (const char *txt)
int Fatal (const char *txt)
int Comment (const char *txt)
int Debug (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Message (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Info (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Warn (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Alarm (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Error (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Fatal (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Comment (const std::ostringstream &str)
std::ostream & operator() () const
std::ostream & Out () const
virtual bool MessageQueueEmpty () const

Private Member Functions

void UpdateV (const Time now=Time())
void UpdateVgapd ()

Private Attributes

DimDescribedService fDimCurrent
DimDescribedService fDimDac
DimDescribedService fDimVolt
DimDescribedService fDimGapd

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MessageImp
enum  Severity {
  kMessage = 10, kInfo = 20, kWarn = 30, kError = 40,
  kAlarm = 45, kFatal = 50, kComment = 90, kDebug = 99
 Severity of a message. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConnectionUSB
void CloseImp (int64_t delay=0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ConnectionBias
vector< int16_t > fCurrent
vector< float > fOperationVoltage
vector< float > fCalibrationOffset
vector< float > fCalibrationSlope
float fVoltageMaxAbs
float fVoltageMaxRel
vector< uint16_t > fDacTarget
vector< uint16_t > fDacCommand
vector< uint16_t > fDacActual
- Protected Attributes inherited from ConnectionUSB
boost::asio::deadline_timer fInTimeout

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