FACT++  1.0
DimErrorRedirecter::DimErrorRedirecter ( MessageImp imp)
  • disable padding for dim server and dim client
  • redirect DimClient error handler
  • redirect DimServer error handler
  • set exit handler of DimServer

Definition at line 44 of file DimErrorRedirecter.cc.

References DimServer::addErrorHandler(), DimClient::addErrorHandler(), DimServer::addExitHandler(), dic_disable_padding(), dis_disable_padding(), and fDimErrorRedireterCnt.

Referenced by exitHandler().

44  : fMsg(imp)
45 {
47  throw logic_error("ERROR - More than one instance of MyHandlers.");
55 }
void dis_disable_padding()
Definition: copy_swap.c:30
void addErrorHandler()
Definition: diccpp.cxx:1272
void addErrorHandler()
Definition: discpp.cxx:744
void dic_disable_padding()
Definition: copy_swap.c:25
void addExitHandler()
Definition: discpp.cxx:738
static int fDimErrorRedireterCnt

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