FACT++  1.0
DimServer Class Reference

#include <dis.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 DimServer ()
virtual ~DimServer ()
void addClientExitHandler ()
void addExitHandler ()
void addErrorHandler ()
virtual void clientExitHandler ()
virtual void exitHandler (int)
virtual void errorHandler (int, int, char *)
virtual void serviceHandler ()
virtual void commandHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimServiceHandler
DimServicegetService ()
virtual ~DimServiceHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimCommandHandler
DimCommandgetCommand ()
virtual ~DimCommandHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimClientExitHandler
virtual ~DimClientExitHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimExitHandler
virtual ~DimExitHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimErrorHandler
virtual ~DimErrorHandler ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void start (const char *name)
static void start (DimServerDns *dns, const char *name)
static void start ()
static void start (DimServerDns *dns)
static void stop ()
static void stop (DimServerDns *dns)
static void autoStartOn ()
static void autoStartOff ()
static int getClientId ()
static char * getClientName ()
static void setClientExitHandler (int clientId)
static void clearClientExitHandler (int clientId)
static void addClientExitHandler (DimClientExitHandler *handler)
static void addExitHandler (DimExitHandler *handler)
static void addErrorHandler (DimErrorHandler *handler)
static int setDnsNode (const char *node)
static int setDnsNode (const char *node, int port)
static dim_long addDns (const char *node, int port)
static void stopDns (dim_long dnsid)
static char * getDnsNode ()
static int getDnsPort ()
static void setWriteTimeout (int secs)
static int getWriteTimeout ()
static char ** getClientServices ()
static int inCallback ()

Static Public Attributes

static char * clientName = 0
static char * itsName = 0
static char * dimDnsNode = 0
static int autoStart = 1
static DimClientExitHandleritsClientExit = 0
static DimExitHandleritsExit = 0
static DimErrorHandleritsSrvError = 0

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file dis.hxx.

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