FACT++  1.0
DimErrorRedirecter Class Reference

A base class taking care of padding, exit handler and error handlers. More...

#include <DimErrorRedirecter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DimErrorRedirecter (MessageImp &imp)
 ~DimErrorRedirecter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimErrorHandler
virtual ~DimErrorHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimExitHandler
virtual ~DimExitHandler ()

Private Member Functions

void errorHandler (int severity, int code, char *msg)
void exitHandler (int code)

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static int fDimErrorRedireterCnt = 0

Detailed Description

A base class taking care of padding, exit handler and error handlers.

This class first switches off padding for the DimServer and the DimClient (dis and dic). Furthermore, it redirects both error handlers to the DimErrorRedirecter. Redirect the exit handler.

Only one instance of this class is allowed, since all Dim handlers are global.

In the destructor of the class the handlers are correctly restored. The padding setup is kept.

For FACT++ all Dim data is transmitted without padding!

To catch the error messages overwrite the errorHandler. The errorHandler of the DimErrorRedirecter redirects the error messages to the logging stream given in the constructor.

To catch the exit requests overwrite the exitHandler.

Definition at line 8 of file DimErrorRedirecter.h.

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