FACT++  1.0
FitsFile Class Reference

FITS writter for the FACT project. More...

#include <FitsFile.h>

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Public Member Functions

int Write (const Time &time, const std::string &txt, int qos)
 FitsFile (MessageImp &imp)
 ~FitsFile ()
bool WriteDefaultKeys (const string &prgname, float version=1.0)
void AddColumn (char type, const string &name, int numElems=1, const string &unit="")
void AddColumn (const string &name, const string &format, const string &unit="")
void AddColumn (char type, const string &name, const string &unit)
void ResetColumns ()
bool OpenFile (const string &filename, bool allow_open=false)
bool SetFile (CCfits::FITS *file=0)
bool OpenTable (const string &tablename)
bool OpenNewTable (const string &tableName, int maxtry=1)
template<typename T >
void WriteKey (const string &name, const T &value, const string &comment)
template<typename T >
bool WriteKeyNT (const string &name, const T &value, const string &comment)
bool AddRow ()
bool WriteData (size_t &start, const void *ptr, size_t size)
bool WriteData (const void *ptr, size_t size)
template<typename T >
bool WriteData (const std::vector< T > &vec)
void Close ()
void Flush ()
bool IsOpen () const
const std::vector< std::string > & GetColumnTypes () const
string GetName () const
bool IsOwner () const
size_t GetDataSize () const
size_t GetNumRows () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MessageImp
 MessageImp (std::ostream &out=std::cout)
virtual ~MessageImp ()
virtual void IndicateStateChange (const Time &, const std::string &)
void StateChanged (const Time &time, const std::string &server, const std::string &msg, int state)
int Update (const std::string &txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const char *txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const std::ostringstream &str, int severity=kMessage)
int Debug (const std::string &str)
int Message (const std::string &str)
int Info (const std::string &str)
int Warn (const std::string &str)
int Error (const std::string &str)
int Alarm (const std::string &str)
int Fatal (const std::string &str)
int Comment (const std::string &str)
int Debug (const char *txt)
int Message (const char *txt)
int Info (const char *txt)
int Warn (const char *txt)
int Error (const char *txt)
int Alarm (const char *txt)
int Fatal (const char *txt)
int Comment (const char *txt)
int Debug (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Message (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Info (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Warn (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Alarm (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Error (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Fatal (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Comment (const std::ostringstream &str)
std::ostream & operator() () const
std::ostream & Out () const
virtual bool MessageQueueEmpty () const

Public Attributes

std::vector< std::string > fColNames
std::vector< std::string > fColTypes
std::vector< std::string > fColUnits
CCfits::FITS * fFile
CCfits::Table * fTable
 The pointer to the CCfits FITS file. More...
size_t fNumRows
 The pointer to the CCfits binary table. More...
size_t fCursor
 the number of rows that have been written already to the FITS file. More...
bool fIsOwner

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MessageImp
enum  Severity {
  kMessage = 10, kInfo = 20, kWarn = 30, kError = 40,
  kAlarm = 45, kFatal = 50, kComment = 90, kDebug = 99
 Severity of a message. More...

Detailed Description

FITS writter for the FACT project.

The FactFits class is able to open, manage and update FITS files.

The file columns should be given to the class before the file is openned. Once a file has been created, the structure of its columns cannot be changed. Only row can be added.

This class relies on the CCfits and CFitsIO packages.

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