FACT++  1.0
MCaos Class Reference

#include <MCaos.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MCaos ()
 ~MCaos ()
void AddPosition (float x, float y, float phi)
void ReadResources (const char *name="leds.txt")
void SetMinNumberLeds (int16_t n)
void SetMinRadius (double min)
void SetMaxRadius (double max)
int32_t GetNumDetectedLEDs () const
int32_t GetNumDetectedRings () const
Ring Run (uint8_t *img)

Private Member Functions

void CalcCenters (const std::vector< Led > &leds, float min, float max)
int32_t CalcRings (std::vector< Led > &leds, float min=-1, float max=-1)
const RingGetCenter () const

Private Attributes

std::vector< LedfPositions
std::vector< LedfLeds
int16_t fMinNumberLeds
double fMinRadius
double fMaxRadius
uint16_t fSizeBox
double fCut
int32_t fNumDetectedRings
Ring fCenter
std::vector< RingfRings

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file MCaos.h.

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