FACT++  1.0
TPointGui Class Reference

#include <TPointGui.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TPointGui (const std::string fname, const std::string mod)
 ~TPointGui ()
void SetExitLoopOnClose (Bool_t b=kTRUE)

Private Types

enum  {
  kTbFit = 1024, kTbLoad, kTbSave, kTbLoadStars,
  kTbReset, kTbResetStars, kTbReloadStars, kIdAzMin,
  kIdAzMax, kIdZdMin, kIdZdMax, kIdMagMax,

Private Member Functions

void Fcn (Int_t &, Double_t *, Double_t &f, Double_t *par, Int_t)
TObject * FindWidget (Int_t id) const
void AddTextButton (TGCompositeFrame *f, TString txt, Int_t id=-1, TGLayoutHints *h=0)
void AddCheckButton (TGCompositeFrame *f, TString txt, Int_t id=-1, TGLayoutHints *h=0)
void AddResetButton (TGCompositeFrame *f, Int_t id, TGLayoutHints *h, Int_t height)
TGLabel * AddLabel (TGCompositeFrame *f, TString txt, TGLayoutHints *h=0)
void DisplayBending ()
void DisplayData ()
void DisplayResult (Double_t before, Double_t after, Double_t backw)
void DrawMarker (TVirtualPad *pad, Double_t r0, Double_t phi0)
void DrawPolLine (TVirtualPad *pad, Double_t r0, Double_t phi0, Double_t r1, Double_t phi1)
void DrawSet (TVirtualPad *pad, TPointStar &set, Float_t scale=-1, Float_t angle=0)
void DrawHorizon (TVirtualPad *pad, const char *fname="drive/horizon.dat") const
TString OpenDialog (TString &dir, EFileDialogMode mode=kFDOpen)
void LoadCollection (TString fname)
void LoadStars (TString fname="tpoint.txt")
Bool_t ProcessMessage (Long_t msg, Long_t mp1, Long_t)
void Fit (Double_t &before, Double_t &after, Double_t &backw)
Float_t GetFloat (Int_t id) const

Static Private Member Functions

static void fcn (Int_t &npar, Double_t *gin, Double_t &f, Double_t *par, Int_t iflag)

Private Attributes

TList * fList
TList fOriginal
TList fCoordinates
TList fLabel
MPointing fBending
TString fFileNameStars
FontStruct_t fFont
Bool_t fExitLoopOnClose
Float_t fAzMin
Float_t fAzMax
Float_t fZdMin
Float_t fZdMax
Float_t fMagMax
Float_t fLimit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file TPointGui.h.

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