FACT++  1.0
dtq.c File Reference
#include <signal.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <dim.h>
#include <sys/timeb.h>
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struct  QUEUE_ENT


#define DIMLIB
#define MAX_TIMER_QUEUES   16 /* Number of normal queue's */
#define SPECIAL_QUEUE   16 /* The queue for the queue-less */
#define WRITE_QUEUE   17


 _DIM_PROTO (static void alrm_sig_handler,(int num))
 _DIM_PROTO (static void Std_timer_handler,())
 _DIM_PROTO (static int stop_it,(int new_time))
 _DIM_PROTO (static int scan_it,())
 _DIM_PROTO (static int get_minimum,(int deltat))
 _DIM_PROTO (int dtq_task,(void *dummy))
 _DIM_PROTO (static int my_alarm,(int secs))
 _DIM_PROTO (int dim_dtq_init,(int thr_flag))
void dim_no_threads ()
int dim_dtq_init (int thr_flag)
void dummy_alrm_sig_handler (int num)
void dim_dtq_stop ()
static int get_current_time (int *millies)
static int get_elapsed_time ()
static int my_alarm (int secs)
void dim_usleep (int usecs)
int dtq_task (void *dummy)
int dtq_create ()
int dtq_delete (int queue_id)
TIMR_ENTdtq_add_entry (int queue_id, int time, void(*user_routine)(), dim_long tag)
int dtq_clear_entry (TIMR_ENT *entry)
int dtq_rem_entry (int queue_id, TIMR_ENT *entry)
static int rem_deleted_entries (int queue_id)
static int get_minimum (int deltat)
static int stop_it ()
static int start_it (int new_time)
static int scan_it ()
static void alrm_sig_handler (int num)
static void Std_timer_handler ()
void dtq_start_timer (int time, void(*user_routine)(), dim_long tag)
int dtq_stop_timer (dim_long tag)
void dtq_sleep_rout (dim_long tag)
unsigned int dtq_sleep (int secs)


int DIM_Threads_OFF = 0
static QUEUE_ENT timer_queues [MAX_TIMER_QUEUES+2]
static int Inside_ast = 0
static int Alarm_runs = 0
static int sigvec_done = 0
static time_t DIM_last_time = 0
static int DIM_last_time_millies = 0
static int DIM_next_time = 0
static int DIM_time_left = 0
static int Threads_off = 0
static int Dtq_sleeping = 0