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RawDataViewer Class Reference

#include <RawEventsViewer.h>

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Public Slots

void plusEvent ()
void minusEvent ()
void setEventStep (int step)
void nextSlice ()
void previousSlice ()
void setCurrentPixel (int)
- Public Slots inherited from BasicGlCamera
void linearScalePlease (bool)
void logScalePlease (bool)
void regularPalettePlease (bool)
void prettyPalettePlease (bool)
void greyScalePalettePlease (bool)
void glowingPalettePlease (bool)
void zeroRotationPlease (bool)
void plus90RotationPlease (bool)
void minus90RotationPlease (bool)
void timedUpdate ()


void signalCurrentEvent (int event)
void signalCurrentSlice (int slice)
void newFileLoaded ()
void signalCurrentPixel (int pixel)
void signalAutoScaleNeeded ()
- Signals inherited from BasicGlCamera
void signalCurrentPixel (int pixel)
void signalPixelMoveOver (int pixel)
void signalPixelDoubleClick (int pixel)
void colorPaletteHasChanged ()
void signalUpdateCamera ()

Public Member Functions

 RawDataViewer (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~RawDataViewer ()
void openFile (std::string &file)
void openCalibFile (std::string &file)
template<typename T >
void getCalibrationDataForDisplay (const CalibDataTypes calibTypes, const vector< T > &inputData, const int roi, const int roiTM)
int getCurrentPixel ()
void assignPixelMapFile (const string &map="")
void computePulsesStatistics ()
void ApplyCalibration ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicGlCamera
 BasicGlCamera (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~BasicGlCamera ()
void setAutoscaleLowerLimit (float)
void setUnits (const std::string &units)
void setTitle (const std::string &title)
void SetWhite (int idx)
void SetMin (int64_t min)
void SetMax (int64_t max)
void SetAutoRefresh (bool on)
void updateCamera ()
void assignPixelMap (const PixelMap &)
void enableText (bool)

Public Attributes

DrsCalibration fDrsCalib
bool fIsDrsCalibration
double aMeas [1024]
double n1mean [1024]
double n2mean [1024]
double vCorr [1024]
- Public Attributes inherited from BasicGlCamera
int fWhite
int fWhitePatch
int64_t fMin
int64_t fMax
float fScaleLimit
int fTextSize
bool pixelColorUpToDate
GLfloat patchColour [3]
GLfloat pixelContourColour [3]
GLfloat patchesCoulour [3]
GLfloat highlightedPatchesCoulour [3]
GLfloat highlightedPixelsCoulour [3]
GLfloat tooHighValueCoulour [3]
GLfloat tooLowValueCoulour [3]
std::string dataText
std::string unitsText
std::string titleText
bool fTextEnabled
float ss [5]
float rr [5]
float gg [5]
float bb [5]

Protected Member Functions

void paintGL ()
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void drawCamera (bool alsoWire)
void allocateZeroArray ()
 Used to load zero data in case of missing fits columns. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BasicGlCamera
virtual void initializeGL ()
virtual void resizeGL (int width, int height)
virtual void drawPatches ()
virtual void setPatchColor (int id, float color[3])
virtual int PixelAtPosition (const QPoint &pos)
virtual void DrawCameraText ()
void drawHexagon (int index, bool solid)
virtual void UpdateText ()
void DrawScale ()
void toggleInterfaceDisplay ()
void buildVerticesList ()
virtual void buildPatchesIndices ()
void updateNeighbors (int currentPixel)
void calculatePixelsCoords ()

Protected Attributes

int selectedPixel
float * eventData
float * rmsData
int16_t * rawEventData
int16_t * waveLetArray
valarray< double > RMSvalues
valarray< double > Meanvalues
valarray< double > Maxvalues
valarray< double > PosOfMaxvalues
char * fZeroArray
bool _softwareOrdering
- Protected Attributes inherited from BasicGlCamera
int fPixelStride
int fcSlice
std::vector< double > fData
GLfloat pixelsColor [NPIX][3]
float shownSizex
float shownSizey
float pixelSize
QRadioButton * linearButton
QRadioButton * logButton
QRadioButton * regularPaletteButton
QRadioButton * prettyPaletteButton
QRadioButton * greyScalePaletteButton
QRadioButton * glowingPaletteButton
QRadioButton * zeroRotationButton
QRadioButton * minus90RotationButton
QRadioButton * plus90Rotationbutton
QLabel * scaleLabel
QLabel * colorPaletteLabel
QLabel * rotationLabel
QButtonGroup * scaleGroup
QButtonGroup * colorGroup
QButtonGroup * rotationGroup
bool logScale
int cameraRotation
float viewSize
bool autoRefresh
float fmin
float fmax
float fmean
float frms
float fmedian

Private Types


Private Member Functions

void drawPixelCurve ()
bool setCorrectSlice (QMouseEvent *event)
void eventStepping (bool plus)
void calcBlurColor (int pixel, int vertex)
void calcMidBlurColor (int pixel, int vertex)
void drawBlurryHexagon (int index)

Private Attributes

int whichSlice
bool drawPatch
bool drawImpulse
bool drawBlur
bool loopCurrentEvent
uint32_t boardTime [NBOARDS]
int16_t startPix [NPIX]
int16_t startTM [NTMARK]
int32_t pcTime [2]
uint32_t softTrig
uint16_t triggerType
int nRows
int rowNum
int eventNum
int nRoi
int nRoiTM
int offSetRoi
int runNumber
int nTM
std::string runType
int firstDataTime
int lastDataTime
int revision
int builderVersion
int nBoards
int nPixels
std::string timeSystem
std::string creationDate
int nightInt
std::string camera
std::string daq
float adcCount
int nbOk
int nbRej
int nbBad
int eventStep
GLfloat patchesColor [160][3]
bool drawCalibrationLoaded
QPoint lastPos


class UIConnector

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from BasicGlCamera
static PixelMap fPixelMap
static int pixelsPatch [NPIX]
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from BasicGlCamera
static GLfloat pixelsCoords [MAX_NUM_PIXELS][3]
static PixelsNeighbors neighbors [MAX_NUM_PIXELS]
static int hardwareMapping [NPIX]
static GLfloat verticesList [NPIX *6][2]
static std::vector< edgepatchesIndices [160]
static int verticesIndices [NPIX][6]
static int softwareMapping [NPIX]

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