FACT++  1.0
PointingModel Class Reference


struct  AltAz

Public Member Functions

void Load (const string &name)
double Sign (double val, double alt) const
Encoder SkyToMount (AltAz p)
ZdAz MountToSky (const Encoder &mnt) const
PointingData CalcPointingPos (const PointingSetup &setup, double _mjd, const Weather &weather, uint16_t timeout, bool tpoint=false)

Private Attributes

double fIe
double fIa
double fFlop
double fNpae
double fCa
double fAn
double fAw
double fAn2
double fAw2
double fTf
double fTx
double fNrx
double fNry
double fCrx
double fCry
double fEces
double fAces
double fEcec
double fAcec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 172 of file drivectrl.cc.

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