FACT++  1.0
FactGui Class Reference

#include <FactGui.h>

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class  FunctionEvent

Public Member Functions

 FactGui (Configuration &conf)
 ~FactGui ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MainWindow
 MainWindow (QWidget *p=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimNetwork
 DimNetwork (std::ostream &out=std::cout)
 ~DimNetwork ()
int GetCurrentState (const string &server) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MessageImp
 MessageImp (std::ostream &out=std::cout)
virtual ~MessageImp ()
void StateChanged (const Time &time, const std::string &server, const std::string &msg, int state)
int Update (const std::string &txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const char *txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const std::ostringstream &str, int severity=kMessage)
int Debug (const std::string &str)
int Message (const std::string &str)
int Info (const std::string &str)
int Warn (const std::string &str)
int Error (const std::string &str)
int Alarm (const std::string &str)
int Fatal (const std::string &str)
int Comment (const std::string &str)
int Debug (const char *txt)
int Message (const char *txt)
int Info (const char *txt)
int Warn (const char *txt)
int Error (const char *txt)
int Alarm (const char *txt)
int Fatal (const char *txt)
int Comment (const char *txt)
int Debug (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Message (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Info (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Warn (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Alarm (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Error (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Fatal (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Comment (const std::ostringstream &str)
std::ostream & operator() () const
std::ostream & Out () const
virtual bool MessageQueueEmpty () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimErrorRedirecter
 DimErrorRedirecter (MessageImp &imp)
 ~DimErrorRedirecter ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimErrorHandler
virtual ~DimErrorHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimExitHandler
virtual ~DimExitHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimServiceInfoListImp
virtual void AddStates (const std::string &, const std::vector< State > &)
 DimServiceInfoListImp ()
 ~DimServiceInfoListImp ()
std::vector< std::string > GetServiceList (bool iscmd=false) const
std::vector< std::string > GetServiceList (const std::string &server, bool iscmd=false) const
std::vector< std::string > GetCommandList () const
std::vector< std::string > GetCommandList (const std::string &server) const
std::vector< DescriptionGetDescription (const std::string &server, const std::string &service) const
std::vector< StateGetStates (const std::string &server) const
State GetState (const std::string &server, int state) const
int IsCommand (const std::string &server, const std::string &service) const
int PrintDescription (std::ostream &out, bool iscmd, const std::string &serv="", const std::string &service="") const
int PrintStates (std::ostream &out, const std::string &serv="") const
bool SendDimCommand (std::ostream &lout, const std::string &server, const std::string &str) const
void SendDimCommand (const std::string &server, std::string str, std::ostream &lout) const
void SendDimCommand (const std::string &server, const std::string &str) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimServerListImp
 DimServerListImp ()
virtual ~DimServerListImp ()
const DimServerList::ServerListGetServerList () const
bool HasServer (const std::string &server) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DimInfoHandler
DimInfogetInfo ()
virtual ~DimInfoHandler ()

Private Types

enum  LedColor_t {
  kLedRed, kLedGreen, kLedGreenWarn, kLedGreenCheck,
  kLedGreenBar, kLedYellow, kLedOrange, kLedGray,
  kLedWarnBorder, kLedWarn, kLedWarnTriangleBorder, kLedWarnTriangle,

Private Member Functions

void SetLedColor (QPushButton *button, LedColor_t col, const Time &t)
QStandardItem * AddServiceItem (const string &server, const string &service, bool iscmd)
void AddDescription (QStandardItem *item, const vector< Description > &vec)
void AddServer (const string &s)
void AddService (const string &server, const string &service, const string &fmt, bool iscmd)
void RemoveService (string server, string service, bool iscmd)
void RemoveAllServices (const string &server)
void AddDescription (const string &server, const string &service, const vector< Description > &vec)
void handleAddServer (const string &server, const State &state)
void handleAddService (const string &server, const string &service, const string &, bool iscmd, const vector< Description > &vec)
void handleRemoveService (const string &server, const string &service, bool iscmd)
void handleRemoveAllServices (const string &server)
void handleAddDescription (const string &server, const string &service, const vector< Description > &vec, bool iscmd)
void SubscribeService (const string &service)
void UnsubscribeService (const string &service, bool allow_unsubscribed=false)
void UnsubscribeAllServices (const string &server)
void UpdateGlobalStatus ()
void handleDimDNS (const DimData &d)
void handleLoggerStats (const DimData &d)
void handleLoggerFilenameNight (const DimData &d)
void handleLoggerFilenameRun (const DimData &d)
void handleLoggerNumSubs (const DimData &d)
bool CheckSize (const DimData &d, size_t sz, bool print=true) const
void handleFadWriteStats (const DimData &d)
void handleFadRuns (const DimData &d)
void handleFadStartRun (const DimData &d)
void handleFadEvents (const DimData &d)
void handleFadTemperature (const DimData &d)
void handleFadRefClock (const DimData &d)
void handleFadRoi (const DimData &d)
void handleDac (QPushButton *led, QSpinBox *box, const DimData &d, int idx)
void handleFadDac (const DimData &d)
void DrawHorizontal (TH1 *hf, double xmax, TH1 &h, double scale)
void DisplayEventData ()
void handleFadRawData (const DimData &d)
void handleFadEventData (const DimData &d)
void handleFadDrsCalibration (const DimData &d)
void handleFadConnections (const DimData &d)
template<typename T >
void handleFadToolTip (const Time &time, QWidget *w, T *ptr)
template<typename T , class S >
void handleFadMinMax (const DimData &d, QPushButton *led, S *wmin, S *wmax=0)
void handleFadFwVersion (const DimData &d)
void handleFadRunNumber (const DimData &d)
void handleFadPrescaler (const DimData &d)
void handleFadDNA (const DimData &d)
void SetFadLed (QPushButton *led, const DimData &d, uint16_t bitmask, bool invert=false)
void handleFadStatus (const DimData &d)
void handleFadStatistics1 (const DimData &d)
void handleFadFileFormat (const DimData &d)
void UpdateTriggerRate (const FTM::DimTriggerRates &sdata)
void UpdateRatesCam (const FTM::DimTriggerRates &sdata)
void on_fBoardRatesEnabled_toggled (bool)
void UpdateRatesGraphs (const FTM::DimTriggerRates &sdata)
void handleFtmTriggerRates (const DimData &d)
void handleFtmCounter (const DimData &d)
void handleFtmDynamicData (const DimData &d)
void DisplayRates ()
void SetFtuLed (int idx, int counter, const Time &t)
void SetFtuStatusLed (const Time &t)
void handleFtmStaticData (const DimData &d)
void handleFtmPassport (const DimData &d)
void handleFtmFtuList (const DimData &d)
void handleFtmError (const DimData &d)
void SetFscValue (QDoubleSpinBox *box, const DimData &d, int idx, bool enable)
void handleFscTemp (const DimData &d)
void handleFscVolt (const DimData &d)
void handleFscCurrent (const DimData &d)
void handleFscHumidity (const DimData &d)
void handleFeedbackCalibratedCurrents (const DimData &d)
void UpdateRateScan (uint32_t th, const float *rates)
void DisplayRateScan ()
void handleRateScan (const DimData &d)
void handleMagicWeather (const DimData &d)
void handleBiasVolt (const DimData &d)
void handleBiasDac (const DimData &d)
void handleBiasCurrent (const DimData &d)
void handleStateChanged (const Time &time, const string &server, const State &s)
void on_fTabWidget_currentChanged (int which)
void handleWrite (const Time &time, const string &text, int qos)
void IndicateStateChange (const Time &time, const string &server)
int Write (const Time &time, const string &txt, int qos)
void handleDimService (const string &txt)
void infoHandlerService (DimInfo &info)
void CallInfoHandler (void(FactGui::*handler)(const DimData &), const DimData &d)
void PostInfoHandler (void(FactGui::*handler)(const DimData &))
void infoHandler ()
bool event (QEvent *evt)
void on_fDimCmdSend_clicked ()
 Needs access to DimNetwork thus it is implemented in the derived class. More...
void ChoosePatchThreshold (Camera &cam, int isw)
void slot_ChoosePixelThreshold (int isw)
void slot_CameraDoubleClick (int isw)
void slot_CameraMouseMove (int isw)
void on_fPixelIdx_valueChanged (int isw)
void UpdateBiasValues ()
void UpdateBiasCam (const PixelMapEntry &entry)
void BiasHvChannelChanged ()
void UpdateBiasHv (const PixelMapEntry &entry)
void BiasCamChannelChanged ()
void slot_ChooseBiasChannel (int isw)
void on_fBiasDispRefVolt_stateChanged (int=0)
void on_fPixelEnable_stateChanged (int b)
void on_fPixelDisableOthers_clicked ()
void on_fThresholdDisableOthers_clicked ()
void on_fThresholdEnablePatch_clicked ()
void on_fThresholdDisablePatch_clicked ()
void on_fThresholdVal_valueChanged (int v)
pair< string, string > Split (const string &str) const

Private Attributes

valarray< int8_t > fFtuStatus
PixelMap fPixelMap
vector< int > fPatchMapHW
bool fInChoosePatchTH
bool fInChooseBiasHv
bool fInChooseBiasCam
DimStampedInfo fDimDNS
DimStampedInfo fDimLoggerStats
DimStampedInfo fDimLoggerFilenameNight
DimStampedInfo fDimLoggerFilenameRun
DimStampedInfo fDimLoggerNumSubs
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmPassport
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmTriggerRates
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmError
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmFtuList
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmStaticData
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmDynamicData
DimStampedInfo fDimFtmCounter
DimStampedInfo fDimFadWriteStats
DimStampedInfo fDimFadStartRun
DimStampedInfo fDimFadRuns
DimStampedInfo fDimFadEvents
DimStampedInfo fDimFadRawData
DimStampedInfo fDimFadEventData
DimStampedInfo fDimFadConnections
DimStampedInfo fDimFadFwVersion
DimStampedInfo fDimFadRunNumber
DimStampedInfo fDimFadDNA
DimStampedInfo fDimFadTemperature
DimStampedInfo fDimFadPrescaler
DimStampedInfo fDimFadRefClock
DimStampedInfo fDimFadRoi
DimStampedInfo fDimFadDac
DimStampedInfo fDimFadDrsCalibration
DimStampedInfo fDimFadStatus
DimStampedInfo fDimFadStatistics1
DimStampedInfo fDimFadFileFormat
DimStampedInfo fDimFscTemp
DimStampedInfo fDimFscVolt
DimStampedInfo fDimFscCurrent
DimStampedInfo fDimFscHumidity
DimStampedInfo fDimFeedbackCalibration
DimStampedInfo fDimFeedbackCalibrated
DimStampedInfo fDimBiasNominal
DimStampedInfo fDimBiasVolt
DimStampedInfo fDimBiasDac
DimStampedInfo fDimBiasCurrent
DimStampedInfo fDimRateScan
DimStampedInfo fDimMagicWeather
map< string, DimInfo * > fServices
uint32_t fDimVersion
uint64_t fFreeSpaceLogger
uint64_t fFreeSpaceData
EVENT * fEventData
vector< float > fDrsCalibration
FTM::DimTriggerRates fTriggerRates
int64_t fTimeStamp0
FTM::DimStaticData fFtmStaticData
vector< float > fVecFeedbackCurrents
TGraph fGraphRateScan [201]
vector< float > fVecBiasVolt
vector< int16_t > fVecBiasDac
vector< int16_t > fVecBiasCurrent
int fStateFeedback
bool fChatOnline
TGraph fGraphFtmTemp [4]
TGraph fGraphFtmRate
TGraph fGraphPatchRate [160]
TGraph fGraphBoardRate [40]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MessageImp
enum  Severity {
  kMessage = 10, kInfo = 20, kWarn = 30, kError = 40,
  kAlarm = 45, kFatal = 50, kComment = 90, kDebug = 99
 Severity of a message. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from DimServiceInfoListImp
DimServiceInfoList fInfo
- Public Attributes inherited from DimInfoHandler
- Protected Types inherited from DimNetwork
typedef std::map< const std::string, StateClient * > ClientList
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DimNetwork
void AddServer (const std::string &s)
 A list with all MESSAGE services to which we subscribed. More...
void RemoveServer (std::string s)
void RemoveAllServers ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from MainWindow
QPushButton * fFtuLED [40]
QPushButton * fFadLED [40]
bool fInHandler
- Protected Attributes inherited from DimNetwork
ClientList fClientList

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