FACT++  1.0
ConnectionDimDrive Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ConnectionDimDrive (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
void UpdateSource (const string &name="", bool tracking=false)
void UpdateSource (const array< double, 6 > &arr, const string &name="")
void UpdatePointing (const Time &t, const array< double, 2 > &arr)
void UpdateTracking (const Time &t, const array< double, 12 > &arr)
void UpdateStatus (const Time &t, const array< uint8_t, 3 > &arr)
void UpdateTPoint (const Time &t, const DimTPoint &data, const string &name)
void UpdateSource (const Time &t, const string &name, bool tracking)
void UpdateSource (const Time &t, const array< double, 5 > &arr, const string &name="")
 ConnectionDimDrive (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionDrive
double GetDevAbs (double nomzd, double meszd, double devaz)
void ProcessDriveStatus (const string &line)
bool ProcessStargReport (const string &line)
bool ProcessTpointReport (const string &line)
bool ProcessDriveReport (const string &line)
 ConnectionDrive (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
void SetVerbose (bool b)
void SetDeviationCondition (uint16_t limit, uint16_t counter, uint16_t max)
int GetState () const
 ConnectionDrive (ba::io_service &ioservice, MessageImp &imp)
void SetVerbosity (const uint16_t &v)
uint16_t GetVerbosity () const
void RequestSdo (uint8_t node, uint16_t idx, uint8_t subidx=0)
void SendSdo (uint8_t node, uint16_t idx, uint8_t subidx, uint32_t val)
void SendSdo (uint8_t node, uint16_t idx, uint32_t val)
bool IsMoving () const
bool IsInitialized () const
bool HasError () const
bool IsOnline () const
bool IsReady () const
bool IsBlocked () const
Encoder GetSePos () const
double GetSeTime () const
Encoder GetVelUnit () const
void SetRpmMode (bool mode)
void SetAcceleration (const Acceleration &acc)
void SetPointingVelocity (const Velocity &vel, double scale=1)
void SetTrackingVelocity (const Velocity &vel)
void StartAbsolutePositioning (const Encoder &enc, bool zd, bool az)
void SetLedVoltage (const uint32_t &v1, const uint32_t &v2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Connection
void SetLogStream (MessageImp *log)
std::ostream & Out ()
void AsyncRead (const boost::asio::mutable_buffers_1 buffers, int type=0)
void AsyncWrite (const boost::asio::const_buffers_1 &buffers)
template<class T >
void AsyncWaitImp (boost::asio::deadline_timer &timer, int millisec, void(T::*handler)(const boost::system::error_code &))
void AsyncWait (boost::asio::deadline_timer &timer, int millisec, void(Connection::*handler)(const boost::system::error_code &))
 Connection (boost::asio::io_service &io_service, std::ostream &out)
void SetEndpoint (const std::string &addr, int port)
void SetEndpoint (const std::string &addr, const std::string &port)
void SetEndpoint (const std::string &addr)
void SetEndpoint (const boost::asio::ip::tcp::endpoint &ep)
virtual void StartConnect ()
void PostClose (bool restart=true)
void PostMessage (const void *msg, size_t s=0)
void PostMessage (const std::string &cmd, size_t s=-1)
template<typename T , size_t N>
void PostMessage (const std::array< T, N > &msg)
template<typename T >
void PostMessage (const std::vector< T > &msg)
virtual void HandleReadTimeout (const boost::system::error_code &)
bool IsTxQueueEmpty () const
int IsClosed () const
bool IsDisconnected () const
bool IsConnected () const
bool IsConnecting () const
void SetVerbose (bool b=true)
void SetDebugTx (bool b=true)
std::string URL () const
const boost::asio::ip::tcp::endpoint & GetEndpoint () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MessageImp
 MessageImp (std::ostream &out=std::cout)
virtual ~MessageImp ()
virtual void IndicateStateChange (const Time &, const std::string &)
void StateChanged (const Time &time, const std::string &server, const std::string &msg, int state)
int Update (const std::string &txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const char *txt, int severity=kMessage)
int Update (const std::ostringstream &str, int severity=kMessage)
int Debug (const std::string &str)
int Message (const std::string &str)
int Info (const std::string &str)
int Warn (const std::string &str)
int Error (const std::string &str)
int Alarm (const std::string &str)
int Fatal (const std::string &str)
int Comment (const std::string &str)
int Debug (const char *txt)
int Message (const char *txt)
int Info (const char *txt)
int Warn (const char *txt)
int Error (const char *txt)
int Alarm (const char *txt)
int Fatal (const char *txt)
int Comment (const char *txt)
int Debug (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Message (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Info (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Warn (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Alarm (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Error (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Fatal (const std::ostringstream &str)
int Comment (const std::ostringstream &str)
std::ostream & operator() () const
std::ostream & Out () const
virtual bool MessageQueueEmpty () const

Private Member Functions

void UpdatePointing (const Time &t, const array< double, 2 > &arr)
void UpdateTracking (const Time &t, const array< double, 8 > &arr)
void UpdateStatus (const Time &t, const array< uint8_t, 3 > &arr)
void UpdateTPoint (const Time &t, const DimTPoint &data, const string &name)
bool SendPointing (const pair< Time, array< double, 2 >> &p)
bool SendTracking (const pair< Time, array< double, 12 >> &p)
bool SendSource (const tuple< Time, vector< char >, bool > &t)
bool SendStatus (const pair< Time, array< uint8_t, 3 >> &p)
bool SendTPoint (const pair< Time, vector< char >> &p)

Private Attributes

DimDescribedService fDimPointing
DimDescribedService fDimTracking
DimDescribedService fDimSource
DimDescribedService fDimTPoint
DimDescribedService fDimStatus
Queue< pair< Time, array< double, 2 > > > fQueuePointing
Queue< pair< Time, array< double, 12 > > > fQueueTracking
Queue< tuple< Time, vector< char >, bool > > fQueueSource
Queue< pair< Time, vector< char > > > fQueueTPoint
Queue< pair< Time, array< uint8_t, 3 > > > fQueueStatus

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MessageImp
enum  Severity {
  kMessage = 10, kInfo = 20, kWarn = 30, kError = 40,
  kAlarm = 45, kFatal = 50, kComment = 90, kDebug = 99
 Severity of a message. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionDrive
static Time ReadTime (istream &in)
static double ReadAngle (istream &in)
- Public Attributes inherited from ConnectionDrive
uint16_t fDeviationLimit
uint16_t fDeviationCounter
uint16_t fDeviationMax
vector< double > fDevBuffer
uint64_t fDevCount
uint64_t fTrackingCounter
Time fPdoTime2 [2]
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ConnectionDrive
static const uint16_t kMaxAddr
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConnectionDrive
void HandleReceivedReport (const boost::system::error_code &err, size_t bytes_received)
void StartReadReport ()
void KeepAlive ()
void HandleKeepAlive (const bs::error_code &error)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ConnectionDrive
map< uint16_t, int > fCounter
ba::streambuf fBuffer
boost::asio::deadline_timer fKeepAlive
- Protected Attributes inherited from Connection
boost::asio::deadline_timer fInTimeout

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